East West Promotion

East West Art Promotion was established in 2000 in Germany by Egyptian/German Pianist Ahmed Abouzahra, the German Administrator Anita Miehle and the Hungarian Pianist Nóra Emödy.

In 2004, East West Art Promotion opened its Cairo’s office which was the first professional agency to be established in Egypt bringing world famous musicians and ensembles in Egypt such as The Vienna Symphony Orchestra in 2000 and 2002, the international Pianist András Schiff in 2000, the world famous string quartet Keller Quartet in 2006 and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of England in 2007.

For over ten years, East West Art Promotion has been bringing both Western and Oriental performing arts to Egypt, especially in the field of classical music, chamber music, symphonic music, choirs, opera and ballet and has also been promoting and touring Egyptian performing groups and artists abroad.

In July 2008, East West Art Promotion in cooperation with Wu Promotion successfully sent the whole production (over 300 artists) of The Cairo Opera House’s OperaAida at the new National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, China, to perform for the opening of their great Olympic season.

Born in Egypt, Ahmed Abouzahra has been building a strong network of contacts among leading musicians and artists in Europe and the USA since he started studying music in the 80’s and move to Germany in 1993 for his piano studies, where he has been a resident ever since.

Following his extensive study of the great tradition of classical music in Europe, Ahmed decided to bring these master works to Egypt. Born out of idealism and love for music, East West Art Promotion established itself as a professional agency dedicated to bring to and send from the Arab world high-level musicians, ensembles and orchestras whose musical messages aim at promoting cross-cultural understanding through music and arts.


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