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Ibn Battuta
the Prince of Travelers

230 international artists presented the journey of one of the greatest Arab traveler of all time, Ibn Battuta.

In cooperation with Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture, The Palace of Arts Budapest, East West Art Promotion and Wu Promotion

25. & 26. February 2013
National Theater, Bahrain

Dramaturge & Poems – Nader Salah Eldin
Costume Designer – Dina Nadeem
Choreography – Albina Belova
In the role of Ibn Battuta senior – ​Abdelrahman Abou-Zahra
Composer – Hisham Gabr
Director – Nader Salah Eldin

In the context of the festivities honoring the selection of Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, as Capital of Arab Tourism 2013, the Bahraini Ministry of Culture in cooperation with East West Art Promotion (Egypt), Wu Promotion (China) and The Palace of Arts Budapest (Hungary) presented Ibn Battuta - The Prince of Travelers, a musical show.


Image courtesy of Arabesque International

Under the auspices of His Majesty Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the presence of more than 500 dignitaries from the cultural and tourism scene of the Arab world, 230 international artists presented the journey of one of the greatest Arab traveler of all time, Ibn Battuta.

The script was written by Egyptian director Nader Saleh El Din and the music by Egyptian composer and conductor Hisham Gabr with the Hungarian art director Kael Csaba. All the artists were carefully selected from 17 Arab and non-Arab countries, including Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Macedonia and Russia. Ibn Battuta’s role was performed by the living legend Egyptian theater actor Abdel-Rahman Abouzahra. Star singers from the Arab world also performed such as Amal Maher (Egypt), Ghada Shbeir (Lebanon) and Hind (Bahrain). The Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland) was conducted by Hisham Gabr and accompanied by seven oriental musicians, an acapella choir from Egypt and by the Enana Dance Theatre troupe (Syria) who performed Albina Belova’s choreography (Russia).

Images courtesy of Arabesque International

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